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With all of the wonderful things that nature has provided us with, flowers have got to be one of the best! These wonderful blossoms may be used to decorate any occasion and it could also be given as a gift or as a sign of sympathy. However, we must take care of them so that their freshness will last for a longer period of time. At Pinc flower shop, we provide our clients with some care tips that they may follow to ensure the longer lifespan of their floral arrangements.

Guide and Care Tips to Flowers:

Clean your Vase

In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses within the flower vase, you must clean the vase every day or at least every other day. This care tip will ensure that your flowers will not be infected with other bad organisms that may damage them and take up the water that is meant to be for the hydration of your flowers. On top of this, you have got to make sure that your flower vase is thoroughly cleansed and washed to avoid dirt and bacteria to build up because this will prevent your flowers from wilting and getting dehydrated.

Change Water Regularly

For this care tip, we request that you regularly change the water of your flower vase. This is because of the fact that your flowers may need more water to be properly hydrated, and this care tip also ensures that the flowers receive fresh and quality water all of the time in order to avoid dirty water filled with dirt and bacteria. This care tip helps in maintaining the great fragrance of your blooms because this avoids the bad smell that is caused by filthy water.

Clean and Healthy Water

This care tip aims to improve the hydration of your beautiful flowers. You must provide your flowers with clean and healthy water, because this will contribute to the freshness of your flowers. You may also opt to add a small amount of sugar into the water because this will encourage your blooms to stay fresh for a little bit longer as the sugar will be their source of energy. If you prefer a little bit of lemon or vinegar, you may also do so. But please be mindful that you must stir it properly. This care tip will help in stopping the growth of bacteria and dirt in your flower vase because of its acidity.

Remove Lower Leaves

As you clean your vase and replace the water, make sure to also remove any excess leaves that are floating on the surface because these leaves will discourage the process of hydration. They are going to block the stems’ pipes that are used to absorb the water which hinder your flowers to become healthy and hydrated. For this care tip, we advise that you always check your vase for floating leaves, and you must remove them immediately to prevent them from clogging the stem.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

For this care tip, we advise that you cut the stems of your flowers in order to generate a better hydration system. But please do not use a dull knife or scissors to cut them because this will damage the tissue and skin of your flowers which will surely hinder the water hydration capabilities of your flowers. Another care tip is that you must cut your flowers’ stems 1-2 inches in an angle because this will promote a faster absorption of water.

Keep In Good Temperature

Do not put your cut flowers under direct sunlight to avoid the flowers from drying quickly. Display your flowers in a cool, draft-free place. For our last care tip, we advise that you must keep your flowers in good temperature – not too hot and not too cold. Doing so will prevent your flowers from drying quickly, and this will also make sure that your flowers maintain their wonderfully vibrant colour.